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Flexi Drive Suggested programs
Along the way you can - using the discount vouchers - use the meal services in non-hotel installations of the following chains: Rumbos, Palmares, Habaguanex and Islazul, and as very special discount offers, enjoy the famous Tropicana show and the also famous Bodeguita del Medio and Floridita restaurants. All the time you can count on an assistance network all over the country, your friends in Cuba.
Cuba in Route - The Big Island
This program of approximately 3000 km requires of at least 14 days to drive along the whole island, from West to East, visiting the main touristic sites in both north and south of the country.
Cuba in Route - Western Cuba
Western Cuba concentrates itself in the occidental provinces (Pinar del Rio, La Habana, Matanzas) and dedicates one week to the main locations of Havana city and Varadero, including many interesting sites in western Cuba.
Cuba in Route - Central Cuba
Central Cuba concentrates itself in the central provinces (Cienfuegos, Villa Clara, Sancti Spiritus) and decicated one week to visit Cienfuefos city, colonial Trinidad, Coco and Guillermo keys, Remedios town and Santa Clara city, including many interesting sites in central Cuba.
Cuba in Route - Central+Eastern Cuba
This program of approximately 2500 km requires 14 days to drive through the narrow roads from central to eastern Cuba, including the main touristic sites in both north and south of the island.
March 23, 2019

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